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Are You Experienced? Part II


It’s an exhausting, large and crowded conference.  You have scored a ticket to the keynote speech by a famous and controversial digital titan.  She has a reputation, well deserved, of making great predictions during her entertaining and fact filled presentations.  And there it is, a key slide, one that has all the information that you could ever wish, all of it.  You could develop your entire marketing plan on this, build 5 blog posts around it, or maybe even create the company strategic plan for next year.  Quickly, the iPhone is out, the camera pointed to the massive stage screen with that slide.  You point, push and there, you’ve got it.  You ‘ve got it all in a photo.  Good for you.  Satisfied, you put your phone away and watch the rest of the presentation, secure in making this event a success.  You look at the photo during the break. You got it, the slide, but it is unreadable, too small, too far away.  No problem, you expand the photo and there it is, blurry and unreadable, useless to you.  You did not take notes.

As a keynote attendee, your company paid good money to for you to hear and see a presentation.  You want to listen but also capture key content for use later with your team.  Most often, neither happens to the extent intended.


You scored that great keynote gig at the conference, another professional achievement, another win by your marketing and PR team.  You have a ton of content.  You, as always, are going to be brilliant in presentation and prediction.  As you get to your favorite slide, the one that makes your argument, that one that will be talked about and reproduced in hundreds of tech boardrooms, further cementing your talent of predicting the unpredictable, you begin your well-rehearsed explanation, fully expecting to be quoted extensively.  And there you see it, much of your audience viewing this moment through their phone cameras, focusing on getting a photograph and thus, not really hearing your verbal brilliance.  Worse, there are flashes with the photos, momentarily distracting you to the point of your hesitation on a key point.  

As a keynote speaker, you have a reputation to uphold, you have worked hard to put together a conversation and content that will benefit both you and your company.  You expect people to pay close attention and somehow record a key slide or two.  As with attendees, most often, neither happens to the extent intended.


The challenge is in the degree and immediacy of experience.  For both the attendee and speaker, it is near impossible to have a multi-dimensional, real-time, sharable experience.  Sure, there may be sharing of content post-event, but immediacy and impact are lost.  As these events have been always been conducted, experience can be focused, but narrow, immediate or future. Not all. Until now.

What if you, the attendee, you the speaker could:

·      Get event photos, pre-tagged for social media

·      Get custom frames/borders on those photos

·      Have those photos delivered to you and your teams via mobile phone, downloadable URL and/or QR Code

·      Have all the content, all the slides of every presentation included with those photos

·      And have all of this in…REAL TIME?

Your experience of the event would be deeper, more immediate, more sharable internally and via social media and certainly more impactful.  You might not even use your phone.  Well, you can have this multi-dimensional experience. The technology and service is here, now.  The San Francisco Giants use it as do Salesforce and San Francisco Travel, Markham Vineyards does…and so on.  

Welcome to the new world of Experiences.  Check in.

Steven Bustin

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