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Great leadership 

makes everyone everything

What I Do

Leadership  Mentoring 
Sales & Marketing 

Writing   Team-building

Strategy    Operations  Consulting

I help clients with leadership, clarity, vision and purpose

I've been through multiple business, economic and cultural cycles, have made a few mistakes along the way and experienced many successes.  I've held most every title, from Managing Director, to EVP, to CEO and my personal favorite, VP Wizardry.  That may have been the most telling of all my positions.   I like to think that every day I get just a tad bit smarter, wiser and insightful.  I'm a digital media and marketing executive with over 40 years of experience including 25+ years in internet marketing, advertising, business development, operations and strategy.  I co-founded one of the earliest internet ad rep companies (Cybereps) and sold one of the first, if not the first banner ad purchased by Amazon.  I then founded one of the earliest successful internet targeted advertising networks (Online Media Partners), the very first ad network targeted to women.

Having held senior positions in digital companies as founder, employee or consultant, I've been able to work with such companies as Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, Toyota, Symantec, Apple, Google and many others.  Additionally, I have worked with over 50 early to mid-stage startups in business development, operations, marketing and strategy areas.

My international experience began with my first job in San Francisco for a company that had facilities and clients in Europe and Asia.  Currently I am working with several clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and Singapore among other areas, along with a virtual early stage data startup.

Clients &


I've had the good fortune to found/co-found two successful startups and work with both startups and multinational corporations, across emerging and traditional industries, continents and cultures.   

There are hundreds, but here a few.

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